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Ri and Toni’s Story

Years and years ago, we came to this wonderful land; and like many travellers, explorers, and adventurers, chose to make the UAE our home. It took a pandemic with days, weeks and months spent isolated indoors to make us truly appreciate our homely oasis of love and culture; and yearn to share it with our friends and neighbours. That’s how Ri and Toni was born. 

Named after our wonderful, powerful daughters, Riana, Antonia and Ariana, Ri and Toni is a purpose-driven design house built on a dream. Our exclusive made-by-hand merchandise - reminiscent of the beautiful art and culture we grew up around - uplifts the livelihood of artisans around the world and fits seamlessly into modern living.

May they bring you and your home joy.

Richa & Shraddha

Shraddha’s Story

A smalltown girl living in a big, bustling, glitzy world, Shraddha brings her flair for building successful businesses and her quirky style to Ri and Toni.

With hard won experience of 18 years in marketing and entrepreneurship Shraddha shares her world of branding, marketing and business with Ri and Toni.

A mama of 2 girls she spearheads 5 companies and continues to dream big. Get to know Shraddha more –

Richa’s Story

An avid follower of all things design, Richa began her professional career as an Interior architect.

With a 15-year acumen in handcrafted techniques, an eye for detail, and an unquenchable passion for good design, Richa curates products and styles for everyday use and occasions for Ri and Toni.